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2011 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

February 29, 2012


As has become my custom, I expand my remarks at the February Board meeting to reflect on the general state of HHC, to review some of the accomplishments and challenges of the past year, and to relate our current work to our strategic agenda moving forward.

This past year was again one of considerable challenge as we continued to tackle a daunting structural budget deficit and struggled to address it while maintaining our impressive patient safety and quality of care gains of recent years. On the brighter side, this past year also heralded the beginnings of a new era of healthcare reform in our state. The Governor's launch of an ambitious redesign of New York State's Medicaid program has the potential to change our healthcare system dramatically and for the better in the long term.

Even as we labored to make our system more cost-efficient last year, we also worked hard to further build a foundation upon which to construct a new healthcare delivery model that can thrive under a redesigned Medicaid program and ultimately under a reformed broader healthcare environment. Before I outline our work this past year to harness the potential promise of reform going forward, let me first summarize the fiscal challenges that you now know so well, our progress on closing our budget gap, and some highlights of our on-going work to improve access, quality of care, and our infrastructure.