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2011 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

Consolidation of our Affiliate Relationships to Better Align our Physician Workforce

The twin imperatives going forward of reducing the cost of care while improving health outcomes for patients and communities cannot be accomplished without a close collaboration with our physicians and other providers. With nine different affiliate entities employing our physician workforce, tight physician alignment with HHC's strategic goals and expeditious implementation of evidence- or consensus-driven best clinical practices has been exceedingly difficult. To address this dilemma, last year we completed the consolidation of four of our affiliates into one new affiliate, the Physician Affiliate Group of New York (PAGNY).

By later this year, we anticipate that our nine previous affiliate relationships will be reduced to three: Mt. Sinai, NYU, and PAGNY. We will seek to work very collaboratively with all three affiliates and their physician members to make the delivery of care within our system more efficient and effective, focusing on, for example, the reduction of preventable admissions and re-admissions, the reduction of lengths of stay for targeted DRGs, the reduction of nosocomial infections, better patient access, and increased patient satisfaction. To the extent that such close collaboration around patient-centered strategic goals results in additional revenue, or cost avoidance, we will look to structure our affiliation contracts so that such savings or gains can be shared with our physicians.

All of this work around PCMH and Health Home designation, the integration of medical and behavioral health care services, the enhancement of our clinical information technology capabilities, the strengthening partnership with MetroPlus, and the closer alignment and collaboration with our physicians are the underpinnings of our evolution toward an accountable care organization and position us to thrive under a reformed reimbursement system…a reimbursement system that will pay for improving the health status of patients, rather than the mere volume of services rendered.

Our Success, Past and Future, Derives from our Dedicated Workforce 

The ability of HHC to meet the needs of our communities on a daily basis, to fulfill our mission as a safety net for the most vulnerable, and to transform into the future healthcare system that our patients need us to become is possible because of the extraordinary employees at every level of the organization who are deeply committed to our mission and our patients.

While it is not possible for me to begin to catalogue the individual contributions that make HHC the extraordinary organization that it is, let me conclude my yearly review with a handful of representative profiles of excellence.