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2011 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

  • Not even Mother Nature can stop the indefatigable Joe Marcellino, who, along with his colleagues at Coney Island Hospital, orchestrated an unprecedented evacuation as Hurricane Irene approached New York City. Every patient was kept safe.

  • Mitch Abidor, who began his career with HHC as a hospital care investigator 37 years ago, can't walk three steps through the halls of Queens Hospital without being recognized as an energetic Breakthrough leader. His passion for challenging the status quo and supporting reinvention that better serves patients empowers Breakthrough participants as agents of change within their departments and inspires them to sustain improvements that transform the delivery of care.

  • Erik Cliette, Director of the Injury Prevention Program at Harlem Hospital, and Dr. Robert Gore, founder of KAVI (the Kings Against Violence Initiative), show remarkable dedication to reducing violence among the youth of New York City and have launched their groundbreaking efforts as part of New York City's Young Men's Initiative. The Fund for HHC is supporting both of these programs.

  • For Elva Rodriguez her work is not a job, but a calling. For 20 years, she has provided ob-gyn services to people in the community surrounding Segundo Ruiz Belvis D&TC, and served as a mentor and friend to countless patients and staff members. Her dedication and compassion was celebrated when she received the Fund for the City of New York's Sloan Award for Public Service in March of 2011.

And there are countless others...

As We Move Forward... 

As our executive leadership team reviewed our strategic plan for the coming year, we realized that that even at a time of fiscal challenge there is one investment that still must be made… an investment in the personal and professional growth of our employees. This year, under the leadership of Senior Vice President Caroline Jacobs, we will begin to implement a comprehensive workforce development plan to better support our employees who want to acquire more skills relevant to a fast-changing healthcare environment and to help build leadership skills at every level of our organization.

I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to lead, together with our exceptional executive team in central office and at our networks, this extraordinary and vitally important organization at this critical time.