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2011 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

Another area of special focus begun last year aligns with Mayor Bloomberg's Young Men's Initiative (YMI), a set of new policies and programs designed to reduce healthcare, social, and economic disparities that affect Black and Latino young men. One key HHC YMI effort is called "Guns Down, Life Up," a multi-faceted program designed in partnership with community-based organizations to confront and address behavior and risk factors that contribute to gun violence among adolescents and young men. This initiative, intended to decrease gun violence, and especially retaliatory gun violence among gang members, will be fully implemented at Harlem Hospital Center and Kings County Hospital Center this summer.

As an additional part of our YMI work, HHC has received funding to launch a teen and young adult health program that will seek to better engage young males in the healthcare system. We are creating a training program for our healthcare personnel to enhance their adolescent health knowledge and skills as well as bolster their ability to communicate effectively with young men about healthcare issues they face. We are experimenting with offering dedicated clinical hours for male adolescents at existing locations and initiating a peer-counseling program.

Completing our Facility Modernization Projects

Despite the deep cuts that HHC has had to make in its five-year capital plan, we are continuing to complete several important facility modernization projects. Our work at Harlem Hospital is on track for substantial completion by August 2012. This includes a new patient pavilion, the renovation of the existing Martin Luther King Jr. Pavilion, and preservation of the hospital's historic WPA Murals. Along Lenox Avenue, the spectacular multi-story glass facade that replicates one of the murals is already a Harlem landmark and a source of pride for one of HHC's most venerable and beloved institutions.

In November, Gouverneur Healthcare Services, in Manhattan's Lower East Side, completed the first phase of its major modernization, which includes a new Ambulatory Care Pavilion. The balance of the project, which includes a renovated, state-of-the-art skilled nursing facility with an additional 85 beds, will be completed by late 2013.

For many years, Lincoln Hospital Center has been New York City's busiest single site emergency department. In 2012, the final phase of Lincoln's renovation will make significant progress toward the ultimate completion of an expanded and modernized ED in May 2013.

In September, Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center opened its new adult and pediatric suites, designed to help integrate a patient-centered medical home model of care. The expanded space co-locates "one-stop" services such as financial counseling, nutrition, and social work, and decreases patient waiting time.