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2011 Year in Review

HHC Board of Directors

We are also in the midst of an exciting project that involves our Goldwater and Coler campuses. By the end of 2013, we will have relocated Goldwater's long-term acute care hospital and skilled nursing facility operations to new facilities on the former North General Hospital Campus. "Goldwater North" will provide more space and greater privacy for patients and residents while also accommodating a new model of resident-centered programming. Goldwater North will have 164 skilled nursing facility beds and 201 acute long-term care beds.

Because Goldwater North will be substantially smaller than the existing facility on Roosevelt Island, we are working to identify community-based housing alternatives (with supportive services) for current Goldwater residents for whom such an alternative is appropriate. Approximately 300 Coler/Goldwater skilled nursing facility residents could be transitioned with home-and community-based services if affordable housing options can be identified. Therefore, we are actively working to secure discharge options for these individuals over the next 20 months, including the development of affordable housing for about 175 current Goldwater residents on a parcel on the Metropolitan Hospital campus.

Laying the Foundation to Succeed in a Reformed Healthcare Landscape 

With a fundamental redesign of the Medicaid program legislated as part of last year's budget, virtually all Medicaid recipients, including those with the most complex needs, will be moved into a care management model of care within the next two to three years. With similar reforms set in motion at the federal level, focused on gradually introducing pay-for-performance into Medicare reimbursement, we began to pivot HHC into alignment with this healthcare reform trajectory toward more accountable care. Over the last year, this required of us a more purposeful and accelerated development of our system capabilities around robust primary and preventive care, proactive care management for patients with chronic disease, care coordination across settings, reduction of preventable admissions and readmissions, and effective use of clinical information technology to enable better care management.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes as the Hub of the Accountable Care Model

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is an advanced primary care practice model that employs a physician-led, team-based approach to ensuring comprehensive primary and preventive care, continuity, ready access, coordination of care and a systems-based approach to quality, safety and chronic disease management. PCHM is a foundational component of any healthcare delivery model that seeks to be both fiscally and clinically accountable for a patient's long-term health.